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Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the firm is comprised of five key tenets that have guided our work for over 30 years.

      1. Concepts Over Techniques
      All projects are based on credible professional and academic literature related to management, organizational design and planning. Great care is taken to avoid simplistic, techniques-driven "flavour of the month" solutions to complex organizational issues.

      2. Customization Over Standardization
      Single standardized solutions that work well in one organization do not always transfer to others. This is especially the case with health and social service agencies, with their varying client profiles, stakeholder demands, and complex organizational cultures. Consequently, all our consulting methodologies, measurement instruments, training curriculae, and job aids are designed "from scratch" for every project.

      3. Partnering Over Prescription
      Work is done in a collaborative, problem-solving mode with clients rather than imposing externally based solutions on clients. Close and ongoing liaison with individuals and groups within client organizations is therefore a key element of all work plans.

      4. Relationship Management Over Project Management
      The interest and focus is always on the development of a long-term relationship with clients. This is reflected by the fact that eighty percent of the firm's new growth is driven by referrals and repeat clients.

      5. Substance Over Style
      Consulting interventions are grounded in rigorous methodologies with concrete outcomes that are clear and measurable. The approaches and solutions may not always be "flashy", but they work!